Nigel, together with all the staff at Imperial, is a great supporter of bird of prey and general wildlife conservation.


He visits South Africa as often as he can and spends time at the Dullstroom Bird of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre, trying to help continue their efforts to rehabilitate and release many different raptor species.  With South Africa's current economic climate the staff at Dullstroom find it hard to get experienced and qualified assistance.  Nigel is currently working towards helping them recruit the appropriate volunteers.  Please feel free to contact him if you are interested: 


Nigel is concerned with the plight of the vulture in Africa.  This was apparent while he was there, for instance the poisoning and taking of vultures from the wild for uses in muti (black magic) etc.  The vultures are trapped and killed before being cut up and sold on the black market for profit.  He is currently trying to raise funds for a breeding programme in South Africa.  Please email Nigel at the address above for further details.


Nigel also works closely with other centres in the United Kingdom and has himself rehabilitated birds of prey and many different bird species back to the wild.  He has also passed on his enthusiasm for conservation to his daughters and it's not unusual for them to turn up at home with anything from injured pigeons, young starlings and at one point had to share the front room with an injured heron!



Here at Imperial we believe that the best way to spread the conservational message is through education. We work hard to help members of the public to learn about raptors, whilst providing them with an enjoyable experience. 

'A new Hope'

Welcome home!


Meet 'Hope'- The newest member of the Imperial team.

Hope is 9 years old and hopefully we will be able to find a mate for her in the future.

This way we can help to preserve the vulture populations in captivity, and hopefully help to educate others about these fantastic birds!