Falconry courses 

Here at the Academy we prefer to offer an apprenticeship style of falconry tuition, rather than offer a two to four day course. We provide individual tuition to beginners who can demonstrate the necessary commitment and facilities to participate in the art of falconry to a required standard. We feel that Falconry can not and shouldnot be taught on a short crash course be it over two, three or five days. You will therefore shadow one of our experienced falconers until we are confident that you have the required knowledge, ability and dedication to both own and fly a bird of prey.


As part of your tuition, you will start with the basic handling leading on to gain knowledge, experience and confidence in the following areas:

  • Housing 
  • Husbandry & hygiene
  • Feed & food preparation
  • Health & first aid
  • Purchasing your first bird
  • Essential falconry equipment
  • Equipment construction
  • Coping & imping
  • Telemetry & tracking
  • Weighing & weight management
  • Flying on a creance
  • Training & hunting techniques
  • Handling & manning

You can contact us here at Imperial via our website for further information and prices.