Pest Control

Imperial works in conjunction with South Eastern Pest Solutions in regards to pest conotrol. They are able to cater for management of pest bird species using trained birds of prey and Falconry and Hawking methods. We can cover Essex, London and the South East, dealing exclusively with nuisance bird management using birds of prey.

Using the latest techniques and specific breeds of birds, we specialise in the control of pest species of native birds including pigeons, gulls, starlings and geese.

With a team of different birds bred and trained specifically for the use of pest bird management and a team of fully trained falconers, we can provide you with a highly cost effective gull and pigeon control.


Both pigeons and gulls pose serious health risks, due to diseases carried in their droppings - including salmonella, as well as carrying biting and flying insects.


Pigeon droppings can also become very slippery when wet and pose substantial risks on pathways and steps as a slip hazard.

Gulls can become aggressive whilst breeding and rearing young, and they will frequently dive down towards people in order to protect their young.

Their nest material frequently blocks guttering and causes water to gather on roofs.

The aim of using Birds of Prey is to dissuade the pest species from returning to the area.

The system we use for pigeon control is a high ratio of hawk flying and site patrolling. The operative will patrol all areas, looking for roosting and nesting sites. We then target these areas by flying the hawk from a desired angle to scare the birds away from the building area. The times of visit vary due to the nature of the location, if the birds are using ledges and areas for roosting, we target these areas first thing in the morning and last thing at night to disrupt patterns. Most birds will be out during the day finding food. Should the area be a feeding station for pigeons then we target these again to break the cycle and move the pigeons to a different location


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