Meet our volunteers

Imperial has a large team of volunteers who come in and dedicate their spare time to help out with the centre and the birds. The volunteers are the "back bone" of the centre and without their help and enthusiasm, Imperial would not be where it is today. We would like to thank them all for their efforts and give you the chance to get to know a little more about them!



Mark is our longest serving volunteer. He has been at Imperial for 5 years and during his time here he has blossomed into a truly irreplaceable member of our team. He is knowledgable, friendly, kind and is a big hit with both the public and the staff who work alongside him. One of Mark's traits is his efficiency, he is very thorough in everything that he does and he is a great asset here at Imperial.

'Aunty' Lin 


Lin has been at the centre for a long time now and is a very loved member of the team. She is always a great person to be around and is very helpful with training and helping the newer volunteers with their progression. Lin has a very special connection with 'Moffie' The African spotted eagle owl (pictured in photo). Not to mention, she is very good at baking, and often surprises the other staff with a lovely selection of baked goodies!



Simon has been at Imperial for nealy a year and is a very valued member of the team! Simon is very cheerful and will always get tasks done effciently, wether that is babysitting our young owls for the night, or painting the staff room! Simon's versatility is fantastic. Grace, our female Kestrel is also very taken with him and always makes a fuss whenever he enters the centre. We hope to have Simon here with us for a long time.



Poppy has been with Imperial for 2 years now. She has progressed a lot since starting here and is now a very capable volunteer and trusted member of the team. Poppy is one of our younger volunteers, however, this doesnt hinder her passion or determination when working with the birds. Poppy has recently started helping out with the Summer shows, we hope to have her with us for a long time.



Jake started here about 2 years ago, he joined with Poppy and together they prove to be a real dynamic duo. Jake is very thorough with his handling skills and has great empathy with the birds. He has recently started working in the summer shows and is very friendly and approachable with the public. We hope that Jake will be a long standing member of the team.



Kat is a long standing Imperial volunteer. Her story is one that inspires the newer members of the volunteer team. After volunteering here and getting to know all about the birds, Kat has visited and worked on vulture conservation projects in South Africa and now works at Colchester zoo! Kat is a great example of what determination and passion can do. 



Kim has been at the centre for nearly two years now, and is a very valuable member of the team. Her standad of work is incrediable, and always exceeds the presentaion of the centre from a day to day basis. Kim is always a friendly face down the centre, and we look foward to see how she will progress next year.



Charlie has been a volunteer at Imperial for nearly a year now and has become a new star at the centre. He is one of the most experienced volunteers with a vast amount of knowledge. Many people have thanked him personally on our tripadvisor reviews for his brilliantly competed experience days and shows.

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