Covid-19 restrictions information

For the first time in 9 years the centre was forced to completely close for a prolonged period of time. However we are delighted to say we are once again open to the public. If you’re hoping to see our birds alongside your visit to We Are Barleylands, please ensure that you are abiding by government guidelines and adhering to the rules set out by the farm (more details available at

For those with experiences we are also now starting to take bookings. A brief outline of some of the procautions that will be taking place include:
- Experiences taking place completely outside, with more of an emphasis of getting you involved with the flying.
- Provision of equipment, cleaned after every experience, including disposable gloves.
- Smaller family/bubble groups for experiences, as opposed to multiple group bookings.
- Pre-selected team of birds that will allow you to enjoy your experience whilst allowing us to adhere to social distancing rules.
- Regular, short breaks on longer experiences.
- Automatic extension of vouchers with an expiration date from April 2020, to allow people to be able to conduct their experiences when they feel comfortable to do so.

For further details please enquire when booking. You are more that welcome to bring any additional PPE and supplies with you, though as we will be outside it is recommended to only bring the essentials. We will only be able to permit those prearrange for the experience to have access to the centre, with those wishing to visit the farm park needing to do so via the farm parks booking system. If you have a voucher that expired prior to April 2020 that you were unable to book due to Covid-19, you will need to make direct contact to arrange for any extension. When booking please try and do so via email, as this will be the most direct way at the current moment, due to reduced staff on site. For any experience day enquires please email

We will constantly assess the situation in regards to our experiences, and if a point arises where once again it is deemed unsuitable for experiences to be conducted, we will act accordingly.

** A quick note regarding the exotic and nocturnal house. Though the discovery centre of the farm is open, we were unable to grant full access to the nocturnal section and upstairs reptile house, due to an inadequate ability to properly allow for social distancing and provide a suitable one-way route. Consequently we will also not be able to offer any exotic experiences at the moment, due to the requirement of close proximity in an indoors setting to do so. All vouchers for exotic experiences will be extended accordingly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post. Please be sure to keep following our social media for updates, as well as seeing some of the exciting things we got up to whilst under lockdown. We look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible!

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